bitter melon.

There are times when I can't stop blaming myself why i am being like this. I am fully aware that it was my own fault. I was selfish then. I knew our relationship was smooth. We were inseparable most of the time, *in cellphones that is. It was summer when I knew you. We were introduced, I liked you then cause I knew there's something crazy about you. We started to hang out. We drank. Eventually we ended up together. When bestfriends left for Manila (I was left here..ALONE), you were there to waste your time with me on the phone. I could remember how corny our lines were. Book number..143? Page 143? Haha. Stupid days. When I started college I thought I couldn't weigh things. That I thought I couldn't serve nursing and you together, however I was terribly wrong. 3 years have already passed by and things still hasn't changed. I still like you. No matter how stupid or gay you are, I still like you. 
..end of story.
xo, readysetdrool.

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