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Okay. So today was really tiring. What woke me up this morning was a phone call from Jezzel. It was her 4th missed call just to inform me that I was running late for our Basic Life Support (BLS ) training. The BLST was supposedly to start at 7:30 am. Guess what time did I wake up? 8:30AM. LOL. Again, I was rushing my morning routines, luckily I was able to finish everything in 30 minutes but still, I was 2 HOURS LATE. When I got to the building, the discussions were already starting and it was so embarrassing to pass through the hall with all eyes on you cause I was the only human being passing. Upon getting in to the classroom, our speaker went >:) and said "OKAY YOU'LL BE GIVING US AN INTERMISSION NUMBER LATER THIS AFTERNOON". W T F Maam. The discussions just went akjdfshegrowjakdlfs until 2:00 pm. Dooms time. With too much confidence, I actually SANG for the class. :/ TYVM my voice sucks and it was way way wayyyy too horrible. 
Just tonight I went out with Gian cause he's home for a month stay vacation. Obviously, I got broke again. Everytime I go out with Gian it's always like this. Lol. We made stupid-videos-for-jealousy-purposes-for-monik and mikko too for not being with us tonight. Rawrrrr I miss us being complete XD 

Okay really have to go to sleep now so I wouldn't be late tomorrow XD

p.s meet one of my life long best friend, Gian <3 

xo, readysetdrool.

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