Hands down

Earlier tonight, this guy named Henry Lau proved me that he indeed is worthy of everyone's respect. This tweet was his reply for this certain fanclub for their statement about SM, Henry and "eat food" (click) . Everyone's knows what this kid has been through, along with my brat bias, Zhoumi. The years of painful occasions were like pretty normal for them. Being treated like invisible members during sushow's were rather a usual incident for them. What's really ironic is that for the every hate they receive, they tend to give out smiles that  are actually real. Sometimes I wonder how they do it because if it was me on their places, it'd be the worst feeling in the world.

Upon reading the statement above, my initial reaction was: "I can give you a warm hug right now, dude." This kid has my respect since then and at that moment, It just went beyoond my limits. The kid sure knows how to value his supporters because he is fully aware on how they are so VALUABLE to him.

I salute you, Henry Lau for everything. Every drop of sweat and drip of blood, the screams and chills of your fans are worth it. Each one of it.

 Moreover, as far as my fangirl heart is concerned, YOU, HENRY LAU IS THE MOST GENUINE IDOL OF SOUTH KOREA, all arguements are invalid; (PROVEN. A LOT OF TIMES. Believe me.)

Generalizing the hate for SMEntertainment would be very unfair on their part. You don't know what's really happening inside the four walls of this well known company. Sometimes, we tend to go too far that we don't even think about our actions first. Go listen to Super Junior's speeches when they win an award. The first man who they always mention's Lee SooMan. <3
xo, readysetdrool.

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