this year...

I basically just went hysterical to Kevin last night as we were having our late dinner. I couldn't help spazzing just thinking about the people who'll be coming home / visiting this year. On the 26th (?) of this month, Gian will be coming home for a very *expensive vacation. This bitch loves overspending, you can't imagine how much much we've spent last December when he went home. Next, May. FINALLY. Mikko's coming home! Not sure though when exactly cause that bitch wouldn't spill any dates. Teasing me's all he can do atm. Uhm.. July! Cousins are flying from Australia for Lolo's 90th birthday, with my very adorable neice, Cayden. Geeshhh I can't wait to see baby boy :3 Next up? November! Ate Angel! After years of wanting to see her, in flesh, she decided to fly here with some of her friends and her kuya :)))) fajnegor;eawdjer. How long have I waited   just wanting to see her? xD My year's about people coming home and having friends over and iiii loveee it!!

I'm still hoping Ying and Uti will be flying over too! :)
xo, readysetdrool.

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