happy kids.

To case studies and everything that came our way, i love you♥ and as days pass by, i'm really starting to miss you. Seriously :( Every time I go on lunch / dinner / snacks date with Tonio, I can't help but go emo cause I really really really miss our group. I've been telling you guys what I feel but you don't believe me cause you always think i'm lying. Tonio's been going laugh-worthy dramatic too when we see each other .. Maybe he feels the same way. (I know it's weird but....) 

When are we seeing each other again? I mean like go out, have fun, drink instead of doing our case studies, laugh about stupid irrelevant things, nonsense jokes and do senseless talks? GUYSSSS LETS HANG OUT SOON PRZZZ <3
xo, readysetdrool.

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