Wonderful Journey

March 18, 2012
Dela Rosa Psychiatric and Rehabilitation Center.
Culmination Day.

The day was gloomy. Nobody wanted to let out depressing words. As I have noticed, most of us were trying to keep the sadness to ourselves. We went through with our usual routine, an overnight stay at Andie's place, fixing the back drops, packing the prizes and a lot of exchange phone calls from all the members. Most of us were focusing more on the fact that some our group mates were hanging by a thread. I wont be elaborating that story for that will be for the past to know. So nobody wanted to screw up the program. 

I just hate to tell you that we ended up our rotation the sad way! A run through of what happened that night:
  • a small "tug tugan" from our clients and our boys (Ge, Adam, Hanz sang "Narda")
  • had a little courage and did a song number with my clients! (Sang "Magbalik")
  • tons of intermission number because we thought it was fun. 
  • games! games! 2x
  • dinner. / nurse - patient interaction. I sat down beside *D. While my other client, J was seating on the far right side from my place. I was really touched when they said thanks after I told them it will be our last day there. I asked him how the other groups were since we're the nth group to have our therapies there, he answered my quickly with a "Maam, you're the 3rd group here and so far, you are the bes group." T_T I also had the chance to "dance" with another resident. He was really cute! Knowing how these people used to have normal lives until drugs came and shitting them out, really touches me. Most of them are already voicing out "When I get out from here, I'll never do drugs again", "Im starting a new life" etc. Eventually always, always I end up thinking about how could this people be here when they have their own lives to celebrate to. :/  
  • back to our small program, patients did their own numbers.
  • here come's the unhappy part. Raymund, one of my group mates spoke in behalf of the group to thank the clients for accepting us there. It became really gloomy when one client screamed "YOU ARE THE BEST GROUP TO VISIT US HERE!". Gahh. SADDD. The final bow came after my group sang "Wonderful Journey". By the time we were singing, 3 or more of them came to us and handed out flowers and they were crying!!! T_T. It made me cry even thought we weren't allowed to okay. To hell with that, I was really moved. 
To sum it all up:
We had to give a small review for everyone's performance today. Cristy cried because maam liked our program. The group leaders for the day made it very successful! Afterwards our clinical instructor spoke.
Maam: Okay so today your performance is beyond satisfactory 
Maam: * referring to pci#1* give your rating for today. 
PCI#1: *talk* okay for today, 5! 
Group: *YEYY* *OMG* *HAPPY* *CLAPS* *SNIFF* x2 
Maam: *referring to pci#2* okay, your turn! 
PCI#2: I'll give you 5/10!!!! 
Group: *YEYY* *OMG* *HAPPY* *CLAPS* *SNIFF* x3 
Maam: Now, my turn!  
Group: crossing 10 fingers and toes, heart beating faster, anxiety     level: 11 out of 10! 
Maam: Your performance today is beyond SATISFACTORY. And for that I'll give you 1! 
Maam: Let me finish first! 1! 1/1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Group: *YEYY* *OMG* *HAPPY* *CLAPS* *SNIFF* x10

see how happy that day was? It was just plain unforgettable. Just ahgtraf;kdsorgel. No enough words can explain what I felt afterwards. XD 
xo, readysetdrool.

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