there's only 1 thing i need right now. it's what you call, "making the right decision". i've already told you about my current dilemma; it's about pursuing med school or not. you see, i'm not the smartest ass in class. i'm not even the best student nurse in town, but it's the desire of wanting to become a doctor is there. ughhhh. only if my grades were better, Nmat wouldn't be a problem rn. i think i wasted 4 years in nursing school. my grades aren't that good. i admit, i have a lot of line of 7's on my card. :l i never took things seriously. until now. :(((((((((((((( what's more painful is that when you hear words that you never wanted to hear; especially when it came from your mum. it was like she stabbed me a million times slowly and very deep. (exaggeration but       ---_____--- SO TRUE.). it was as if she was telling me that it will never work out. im not smart, i can't do it. i'm just like this. 
i know what it is like to be in med school (at least) it means hard work, perseverance, diligence and faithfulness. it means standing up for your decision. once you get in, it's hard to back out. fuckeeeeeeeennnnnnn. idek. we'll see. i have a year to think it over with. if my heart says i should pursue, then i'll take it. but if it's not for me, then i'll settle down as a nurse. i can still serve patients tho if i'm a nurse. adfgrefoa;djmgfvh;joawdfgvh OKAY OKAY. tyvm.
xo, readysetdrool.

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