I never went wrong in choosing to have my operating room completions this early because I had 2 cases today!! Booyaaahh. Let's leave the random conversation I had with Kuya earlier because that was the most awkward conversation I ever had with him! LMFAO. The photo below was taken after my 1st scrub for the day (Hernioplasty). The OR technicians and one NOD played UNO out of too much boredom. LOL. It became really funny when Sir Rj woke up and joined them. The big guy sure has a VERY BIG VOICE. -___-

 At about 2pm, another stat (?) operation came. It was Cysto RGP, DJ Insertion. I had the chance to view the urethra and the small stones that fell from the kidneys XD

Went to Seoulga alone because i'm depressed as fuck. okay XDD had jajjangmyeon (of course) and got another order for my grandma and cousins XD

xo, readysetdrool.

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