Somehow friends define life to me. Just at the verge of breaking down again, these bitches were the ones who made me realize again that it's not worth the pain. Crying would be the best thing to do, but they made me accept reality. We can't always ask some people to stay forever. They also need to grow up and find their own selves. Ugh. I hate these kind of situations because I always, always get hurt. :/ When i'm too attached with a friend, it's difficult to understand that he / she also has to have other "special" friends. Consider me selfish / greedy, I agree with that. Truth sucks. Might as well have bottles of alcohol to unwind again.
This is Jezzel, never thought we'd become closer in college.
We went to the same elementary school, classmates but can't remember if we
have ever talked. Lol.
Shin Chan, Power ranger blue, Sailor moon
Mojo Jojo, Pokemon, Power ranger yellow and power ranger red.
xo, readysetdrool.

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