in love and life.

Yey! Turned 21 (more or less) lol. Thank you everyone who greeted and posted sweet messages. Although it wasn't the best birthday (I wasn't home sad.) Yesterday was still fine. I had my 7-3 shift at the hospital and yeah. Stresseu. Aaaandddd yeah. 

and today's my bestfriend's birthday, Gian. The reason why I always put 13 on my birthday on official documents instead of 12. My bestest boy-friend aside from Miko. XDDD Happy birthday Men! I love you! To random gunbound nights, sparkle drinks, pillows and everything in between, I'm so glad to have you. Char. Drama. hahaha. OK.

biggest joke of our lives. trying to do miko's poser dp. haha. '07

uh yeah about 3 weeks ago
bitch has abs. kennot. :(
xo, readysetdrool.

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