Birthday post. - Forever Twentyone

Celebrated my birthday at Saint Dominic's ward where I'm currently having my staffing / head nursing rotation. The day was pretty gloomy to begin with since I don't live at home anymore. Hard time adjusting no mommy and daddy and siblings annoying you just to greet. Meh. Anyway, when I arrived in the ward I suppose only Tricia knew because Tricia knows me very well (I think?) haha. Long story but yeah everyone started to greet chitty chatty chit chats and bla bla. Whatever. I just love the Saint Dominic staff! They're so nice and very very vey approachable! Not to mention the dudes are awesome friends-friends! LOL. Nyways, I had fun. Will surely miss this ward. The carrying out of orders, ivf follow ups, skin testings, hgt takings, admissions, discharges, i&o, dr. adsfgreae. Things happens so fast, I didn't see this coming. xo, readysetdrool.

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