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Last night.
Went out with Kuya Dada, Tonio, Cindy, Jhoii and Thea. Had a couple of good drinks. After people getting all tipsy and bullshit, had all the courage in the world to sms Friend. Idk what got into me tbh but yeah, it was really worth it. All the past emotions and drama's was emotionally flushed down in the toilet bowl. Maybe it's really over. Well, it is, but you see, i have the tendencies of relapses. hahaha Fuckkk. Kidding. Hm. He was..fine. Just the same. Confident dude who never fails to make (still) me smile despite the overflowing confidence he has. Haha. We were supposedly to join Andie and her student's party but when we arrived at the bar, they were already heading home. Ugh. So we decided to hang out somewhere else. 1st stop: Cats and Dogs (videoke bar) apparently they were strict with following the 2AM liquor ban law of the city, thus forced us to change locations. Good thing there was this cheap bar just a few walks away from Cats and Dogs. We had 2 bottles of beer, each. Though I really HATE drinking beer, I felt I had the "calling" to drink what he ordered just because. Haha. I did most of the talking (duh.), told him that the things happened in the past were mere memories of how stupid I / we was/ were. But yeahhhh he was kinda fine with it. So asfgaf. Went home pretty early cause I was kinda nervous, I had no idea where to sleep hahaha. The heavens must be so happy that night, I went to Andie's place, broke in without any second thoughts and slept hahaha. It was epik. I still can't remember how I managed to open their gate though. LOL. So yeah yeah yeah. We're cool. Goal met. Exchanging sms with him now cause he's drinking again haha and he's bored. I can totally see that.. Whooooo. 
xo, readysetdrool.

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