Destination: Unkown

Shitloads of emotions in my heart right now.
I want to scream at everyone, or the least is to cry. Well, I already did, earlier. Why the heck am I still depending everything to my parents? No that I don't want it; I DO. But sometimes reality tends to get out and tickles me that I spend too much, to think that I don't have a job yet and all I do is spend their money. :l

I saw him earlier. Everything's changed now. There's no more awkwardness. Or that's what I think. I'm not even sure if he misses me, it's not like what i'm expecting but maybe at least he's thinking of me once in a while. OR AM I THAT ASSUMING. Whatever. Either way......he's not mine to begin with. Fvck this. :l

Where am I going? Am I ready to face the "real world"? The real LIFE after college? Yet to be visited - "real life"
xo, readysetdrool.

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