3 months post-grad

Living the most of being a bum and a couch potato right now with no income at all. This is really funny but I think i'm enjoying every minute of it because when July starts--review starts, everything will be thrown away again and i'll be saying hello to my books. Anyway, yesterday was...kind of a food day because yes, go figure. 

after having our milk teas in tealoca, school stuff,
we went to cbtl to chill out for a while.
with raul, ehem, mara and kevin. 
with kevin and raul. these kids.
hoho my personal fat driver. he just had to have
his own ootd every time we meet.

went to the cinemas to watch "now
you see me" with the trolls. after the
movie we got food from army navy
felt like puking anytime right after we

xo, readysetdrool.

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