Review classes for the 2013 Philippine Nursing Licensure December 2013 exams has started last 5th of July and it was really fun. Mindset was fixed that it'll be worth while. Tbh I was learning more here compared to some of the lectures I used to have in Uni. The speakers were pretty awesome too. Sir Omar, for our ana physio taught the best. He made up songs and mnemonics for the class to understand the topics better; it's working! I can even still sing the alkalosis, acidosis songs. Lels.

There's nothing much really going on lately except for the review-go home-study routine I am having. Ugh what else. Oh. My best friend, Kevin's living with me. It's kinda fun having him here. really comforting how I have someone to talk to at home in the course of the reviews. Ehhh. It's 10:08, MLA time. I have a Pedia post quiz tomorrow but idk why am still typing this.

I need all of your prayers so that I can get my Nursing license on December :)))

Here are some photos of me, my friends and some of our lecturers from the past week. :)

With Kevin, Mara and Sir Omar, the composer of the Alkalosis, Acidosis/ scrotum dance song.

with sir Chokee, our fabulous OB lecturer.

with Thir Mike (YOU BITCH!!!!) cursing is more fun with thir mike ;)))

with Kevin, le housemate.

And ofc, the 3 little pigs!!! ;) 



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