and for the last time, i just had to say goodbye. 
I've been telling you so much about this ward. From my pre-clinical, meta rot, to my staffing and head nursing days there's so much about this place. This ward has the most impact on my /student/ nursing life. As for doing the final chorva, our level coordinator decided to put me here again for my extension duties. Never expected she'd put me here again because she thinks i'm having so much fun with the staff (which is half true btw). So yup. 3 days back to the le nursing world. Half PCI half staffing. The duty was kinda stressful because of the students who went on duty without bringing some extra brain cells and initiatives. Thought day 2 would kind of give us better results, only to find out we're getting downwards because of these girls. I was actually in the verge of telling them that they're going on duty not on a red carpet/ cat walk. :l idk, Smh survived 3 days without getting my ass kicked. Lol. Staff were really nice and my CI was one of my favorite. She gave me the rare authority of being her PCI with Tina, my batch mate who also went for her extensions. 

blabla. good thing was, I was too lucky to be on the am shift without him. =) spell good luck and good timing. tho i had to have a glimpse of him or whatever, still. XD 

xo, readysetdrool.

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