In the past 5/6 months, I've been into a few emotional breakouts, maybe it was because of the early anxiety attacks I have been having before the board exam. Truth be told, it wasn't the smoothest part of the journey. I may have turned people away from me but with all honesty, I regret doing it. 

I miss everything. I miss the good times. It's like half of my happiness went away when the review season started. Idk what happened tho. It was like I wanted to change, to focus more on the review. Wanted to keep myself as quiet as possible. However, things went completely different when people who were pretty close to me became strangers. They misunderstood me, my emotions. Everything were unsure. Even the way we act, it was different. Although I tried talking it over, it's just that people will always see the mistakes and not the countless times you've been nice. Jumping into conclusions that things will never be the same. Not even how much I tried, it might never be again. AND IT HURTS. 



xo, readysetdrool.

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