Lately, there's been a ray of sunshine

Forcing myself that there's still a sense of holding on. Some of the few things that still makes my smile.

1. Good music after taking a bath. Who hates listening to "walking on sunshine, ohohhhh~~" and "We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun, But the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time" first thing in the morining? 

2. Good morning sms from random people. 

3. Having that awesome smell of freshly cooked eggs and bacons for breakfast!

4. Seeing someone smile at you at 5AM in the morning. (My friend, Kevin lives with me so yeah, that's one of the most random thing we randomly do, believe me, that's just like a good start on an everyday basis!)

5. Meeting oh-so-cute-i-wanna-squish-you-and-cuddle-hug-you-all-day type of lecturer every day at the review center. It's like basically saying, "You are to meet a handsome guy today so you better dress up neatly to leave a nice impression."

6. Which leads me to wearing decent clothes every single day for review. Classmates are dressing up like they're just at home, wearing shorts, a shirt and slippers. I beg to disagree. Every day is a fashion day. You don't just wear them awesome clothes for special occasions. FLAUNT THE INNER FASHIONISTA WITHIN!!!  AND "STRESSED, BUT WELL DRESSED!"

7. Eating nonstop because you know you're neurons need glucose. Gaining weight is not an excuse BUT can't help but eat!!!

xo, readysetdrool.

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