Valentine's day 2013

February 13, 2013 Welcoming Valentine's Day @ The Lab with le boys of my life. Tonio, Remie, Mikee Kevin, Shimca, Cindy, Gerone, Kuya Miko Kuya Da and Kuya Kevin! Thank you for the awesome night and for trying to punch, throw your shoes, slap, and whatever you're trying to do just cause you won't let me go home. Sorry for leaving early tho. Shitting bricks. 

February 14, 2013

Originally wanted to go out of town, however plans never work out for me. Instead of leaving Davao, I ended up staying in the city with some great friends. At about 9 am, I went to Kevin's boarding house to hoard him. Just cause I was bored like that. We ended up in Mcdonalds Bajada, doing nothing. We tried to think about what would be the best thing to do. But nothing really came up. So instead of playing pranks on our classmates (telling them we're on our way to their houses), we called up Mikee to go waste some time with us. So Mikee got there by about 11 am. We then decided to get lunch @ Antonio's,  Abreeza. After lunch, Mikee had to leave to meet his parents, which left Kevin and Me hanging. Nowhere to go and bored as fuck. Wasted another 1/2 hours in Gonuts Donuts cause it was so warm outside. Kevin slept the whole time. zzzz. Went to mum's clinic afterwards to get some cash, we were hella broke like that. 

Fast forward to the evening's escapade! Everything was EPIC! Went to Mary Rose Carnival. (20.00 entrance fee already enough for you to see a glimpse of heaven). The rides were epicly scary! You don't even know how you're gonna die from the seats! Seriously I will never try them rides again! And LOL sorry, Kevs for letting you have a taste of my hair. I hope it tasted well. Bwahahaha Nothing beats good times with good friends!!!

I don't run after people who aren't worth it. I'm done with this guy already, like about a few months ago. Sooo really. There's no point looking back. I just hope if we see each other again, he'll have the balls to talk.
xo, readysetdrool.

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