Do you remember the first time you ever said "no" to anybody? Neither do I. Correct me if i'm wrong, that time, you were a toddler. Your parents wanted you to do something, but as normal as a negativist person as you were, you didn't do anything they told you. Now, where is this leading? I honestly don't know. What i'm sure of, is that I had another chance to have a good convo with Mara earlier. 

I can't tell everything however, I think to sum up the whole thing just leads me to a smart endpoint: LEARN TO SAY NO. Sometimes you have to stop being so so so nice to your friends that unknowingly, they are just using you for their own benefits. Am I being too selfless that pleasing others is becoming too much? Idk. Ugh. This feeling of wanting to learn how to watch out for my feelings too is kinda idkkkkk. Mara gave out a good advice early but how, where, when to start doing it? 


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