Illegal Paem

Hello there!
I've been pretty jobless for about 2 weeks now and since I haven't really started my nursing career yet, I've decided to become a total professional bummer for a while. Hence, I present thee the, the goofballs I spend most of my time with these past few weeks.... and the /illegal/ things we've done.

Now, why illegal? Simple. These kids wants to get kicked out and feed their cravings rather than getting themselves rot inside the academy whilst waiting for their end dates to come, since they're serving their penalties -- can't go out from the academy. 그냥 그냥 그냥..... 
 떡볶이 cravings satisfied. ALL THE TIME.
Keep Calm, Escape and Eat Japanese Food.
How does it pay to be sensual in Korea? Learn from JJ.
xo, readysetdrool.

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